TE IUBESC (I LOVE YOU ) silk scarf 44 cm

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The TE IUBESC (I LOVE YOU in Romanian) natural silk scarf is a garden with flowers and bugs, romantic, delicate and full of life. It is decorated with the stylized images of four species of flowers, whose meanings are related to the four ages of love:

  • Tulip is a declaration of spring love
  • Rose-passionate love
  • Lily-marriage
  • Peony-mature, immortal love


This model is part of the RITUAL collection.  

THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU and MOST BEAUTIFUL, the three images from the RITUAL collection, are the first from a series of designs, meaningful words that mark important moments in the human existence.  

They carry memories: caresses, hugs, certainties, hesitations, doubts, wanderings, rediscoveries, they are words that are the basis of the connection between people and of our existence together.


100% natural silk scarf, with a satin look, digitally printed after an original design by Anca Cernea.

Because the scarf is handmade, the sizes and shades can vary slightly.

The scarf is delivered in a standard packaging. A premium packaging is also available additionally.


Delicate fabric; dry cleaning is recommended.