CHRISTMAS CACTUS silk scarf 65 cm

320,00 RON
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The Christmas cactus is a houseplant that blooms around the winter holidays. Those who know well its airs and graces can trick her to flourish on other special occasions. All they have to do is respect her "beauty sleep" and provide her with 14 hours of darkness every day. The CHRISTMAS CACTUS scarf borrows the shades, the charm and the tenderness of the flowers, being suitable as a gift both for the winter holidays or for other special occasions.


This model is part of the SACRED GEOMETRY collection.

Nature is a fascinating designer, endowed with rigor and spontaneity.

From atoms to planets and galaxies or to abstract patterns of motion and evolution, any element in nature can be reduced to basic geometric shapes.

Contemplation of geometric patterns leads to healing and spiritual rebalancing.


100% natural silk scarf, with a satin look, digitally printed after an original design by Anca Cernea.

Because the scarf is handmade, the sizes and shades can vary slightly.

The scarf is delivered in a standard packaging. A premium packaging is also available additionally.


Delicate fabric; dry cleaning is recommended.