TWO HEADED EAGLE silk scarf 44 cm

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The two-headed eagle symbolizes strength, dignity and courage.

It was used as a badge by the last Byzantine emperors.

One of the heads represented political power, and the other - the power of faith.

In Romania it was included in the coat of arms of the Cantacuzinos, in order to emphasize their noble origin.


This model is part of the ROSEMARY SPRIG collection.

Deep inside our souls we keep the myths and the legends lived and imagined by our great-great-great-grandparents.

It's all inside of us, but we don’t really know it yet.

Through signs and symbols, ROSEMARY SPRIG creations remind us of what we already know, but we don't realize that we know.


100% natural silk scarf, with a satin look, digitally printed after an original design by Anca Cernea.

Because the scarf is handmade, the sizes and shades can vary slightly.

The scarf is delivered in a standard packaging. A premium packaging is also available additionally.


Delicate fabric; dry cleaning is recommended.