URBAN silk scarf 65 cm

320,00 RON
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The URBAN silk scarf captures the poetry of a city. When the city translates as "together", not as "separately".


This model is part of the KALEIDOSCOPE collection.

The kaleidoscope is the symbol of transformation, of life.

The images seen through the tube of the kaleidoscope are fragments of reality, which make up a personal mandala, in constant motion and change.

The scarves in this collection represent a kaleidoscopic universe, a collection of views on the surrounding world and the inner world.

In combination with plain clothing, these boldly colored scarves can become the star elements of a unique, personal outfit.


100% natural silk scarf, with a satin look, digitally printed after an original design by Anca Cernea.

Because the scarf is handmade, the sizes and shades can vary slightly.

The scarf is delivered in a standard packaging. A premium packaging is also available additionally.


Delicate fabric; dry cleaning is recommended.