"I had some strong and upright grandparents. I think that respect for them gives me stability and makes me feel that I have strong roots." (Anca Cernea for viitorulromaniei.ro)

"What surrounds us ends up being part of us. A beautiful and meaningful space lifts your morale, therefore it also lifts the quality of your everyday life" (Anca Cernea for IQads)


"Creation itself is a simple and natural thing, it gives you strength and joy. It is complicated, however, until you find collaborators with whom you resonate, people who have the same values as yours, producers who take the responsibility to the end to obtain a flawless product."

(Anca Cernea for Qreator)


"I wanted to create accessories that gather memories in them, that create a bridge between the past and the future. Many people choose these precious objects to give as gifts, because they are memorable gifts, because the symbolic value of the products exceeds their material value."

(Anca Cernea for Matricea.ro)


"I believe in education. I think it's important to know and respect the past (in our case, fairy tales, Romanian identity stories, traditions, old symbols) and pass on this information. I think it's important to be open to innovation (to what the digital environment and new technologies bring us)."

(Anca Cernea for Antreprenoare.ro)